Got a ticket in Cherokee, Chester, Chesterfield, Lancaster, or York County? We want to help you.

You were pulled over, got a ticket, and now you’ve got a choice. Will you pay the ticket and accept the fallout, or will you defend yourself and protect your record?

We get it—when you have a ticket, it’s not easy to see the consequences until they’re staring you right in the face. But the truth is, paying a ticket without batting an eye is the same as pleading “guilty as charged.” And in South Carolina, that means points on your record, higher insurance rates, and a reduced ability to find work.

So when it comes down to it, if you’ve got a ticket, there’s really only one thing to do—contact Rock Hill traffic lawyers at Okoye Law.

Here’s why.

Paying Your Traffic Ticket Will Come Back to Bite You

Like most South Carolina residents, if you’ve ever gotten a traffic ticket, you’ve probably been told, “Just pay it and move on.”

It seems like the logical thing to do. Maybe you were speeding, or you actually did run that stop sign, so why contest it?

Well, because just like criminal charges, pleading guilty to a traffic infraction sets you up for failure. And if you ever can stick up for yourself, why wouldn’t you?

But let’s take a look at the alternative. Let’s see what happens when you do pay your tickets.

Your Insurance Rates Skyrocket

Insurance companies base your rates on many factors, including whether or not you’re a bad driver. What story does your driving record tell?

You will be charged high-risk rates if it shows you to be a “high-risk” driver. You could even end up being dropped from your car insurance altogether.

Can you afford that?

You Get Points on Your Record

South Carolina has a points-based system—the more tickets you get, the more points on your record, and the more penalties you face. These points stack up quickly, and before you know it, you won’t have a driver’s license at all.

They won’t be reduced until a full year after the offense, and at 12 points, your driver’s license can be suspended for three months, at 16 points, four months, and so on and so forth.

You Could Lose Out on Future Opportunities

Employers have the right to check your driving record when you’re looking for a new job. Suppose your new position involves travel and includes a company car, or maybe you want to jumpstart your side hustle and deliver groceries on the weekend—having traffic violations on your driving record (even one) could result in an application being denied.

Don’t Just Pay Your Tickets—Hire a Rock Hill Traffic Lawyer

To recap, you shouldn’t pay your traffic ticket, but you also can’t just ignore them and expect them to go away.

What then?

We’re glad you asked. You hire an experienced traffic attorney to defend you instead.

A traffic lawyer’s job is to:

  • Represent you in court
  • Strategize to have your tickets reduced or dismissed
  • Minimize the damage to your driving record, and
  • Protect your driver’s license privileges

And we know what you’re thinking—Why would I potentially pay a lawyer more money to take care of my ticket when I can just pay it off myself?

Let us remind you of the situation you’re in.

You have a ticket. By paying it, that goes on your driving record. Your insurance company will eventually get wind of it. When it’s time to renew your policy, on average, your rate could go up $380 per year.

On top of that, for the speeding charge, you now have four points on your driving record, a couple of months back, you got a reckless driving charge, and now you’re at ten points. Suppose you get pulled over again and get another ticket. In that case, that’s a green light for the Department of Motor Vehicles to suspend your license.

How would you get to work, pick up your kids from school, or run to the grocery store?

It’s true—when you weigh the cost to benefit, not everyone will need an attorney. But when you do, you can’t afford to just hire anyone. You need lawyers that know their stuff. You need Okoye Law.

Dedicated Traffic Violation Attorneys in Rock Hill & York County, South Carolina

Defending yourself against traffic citations is easier said than done.

You’ve got responsibilities, a job, and thousands of other things that are way more pressing than showing up to court for a ticket.

That’s why we do it for you.

We show up and defend your license and your rights so that you don’t have to. Whether you have a speeding ticket, you ran a red light, or you have a DUI, we’ve got you covered. Contact our traffic ticket lawyers today for a consultation.


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FAQ: South Carolina Traffic Violations

What are my options for settling traffic violations in Rock Hill, SC?
  1. Pay your ticket and accept the consequences of a guilty plea
  2. Show up to court and defend yourself without any knowledge of South Carolina traffic law
  3. Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend you
How long do points stay on your driving record in South Carolina?

After one year, points are reduced by half. Points fall off your driving record after two years. You may be able to take a driving course or work with an attorney to have those points reduced prematurely.

What are the most common traffic violations?
  • Speeding tickets
  • Driving under the influence
  • Texting while driving
  • Running a red light or stop sign